New Ideas in Physics

From Volume One: “These four forces of [gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak atomic forces] of current physical theory actually represent an incomplete understanding”

Comment from Tesla: “The reason for this is because you do not yet have a means to grasp the multi-dimensional enfolded fields and forces and their geometries that create all particles and particle-like phenomena. Physics depends upon observation, and necessarily observation that depends upon matter reaches the limits of matter itself, no matter how refined. At present, the only means to go beyond matter is to engage the deeper aspects of human consciousness, because consciousness is acted upon by what is physical, acts upon what is physical, contains and is contained by the physical, creates physical reality and is separate from it.

Consciousness has been stepped down through the folding and re-folding of the inner geometries of dimensions, fields, and forces, because it retains its essential characteristics much as water does. Its point of origin, the reservoir of Being, would destroy physical matter much as would breaking the dam would destroy the town below. The daily consciousness of most people is like a glass of water: beautiful, reflective, and aligned with the intentions of Life, but limits in its impact. Those of you who train their consciousness with meditation can become like a bubbling fountain, becoming more reflective and beautiful, and you can finish that training with real enlightenment. Those who have received grace enough to reconnect with the reservoir, as the great teachers and those with spiritual mastery have, open those inner fields and forces into comprehension. Literally, as you become more aware of the multi-dimensional nature of your self, you not only engage with and comprehend more of reality’s multi-dimensional nature, you become that very multi-dimensional reality itself.

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