Multi-Dimensional Realities and Endangered Species

Volume Two: “Much as animals such as cheetahs, and soon many other endangered species that are on the edge genetically, can continue to thrive with less and less diversity, same-sex pairings and single-celled divisions do partake of those [M-D] structures entangled with Source.”

Comment from Tesla: “This is an example of involution: refreshed information from higher-order energies and sources. Understandably, Darwin had a bias towards purely physical drivers for most aspects of evolution, even though he did have to give a nod to “sexual selection” and other intangibles. Lamark was moving in involution’s direction with his idea of increasing complexity and the notion that the animals changed themselves in order to take better advantage of their environments, rather than that adaptation being driven by random mutations that were selected through viability and/or predation. But what I am speaking of here is closer to species’ templates being created by the dimension of Identity through the torsion field of Formation: physical reality shifting and changing in response to new instructions. Now: to a great extent, these shifts and instructions are not, so to speak, ‘real time,’ at least not until we get to the enlightened human beings: as has been discerned from several breaks in the fossil record, evolution does indeed have a punctuated and episodic expression, pulsing through the colors and haloclines of time. Fully enlightened human beings, the great ones of the Spirit of Guidance, know how to attune to the divine intention within the dimension of Identity, and use the torsion fields of Formation, Translation, and para-light to re-structure physical reality, particularly in the sense of healing bodies and human spirits. And this same kind of leverage through the torsion fields creates spontaneous healing and changes in DNA by re-engaging the higher-level M-D energies with 4-D, those energies that are once again entangles with Source.” Comment from Francesca: “And, based on what Tesla said about animal creativity, it is clear that the animals have some say in what they will choose for their own forms, both in terms of keeping to a standard, and changing that standard.”

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