More on the Nature of Physical Reality

From Volume One: “Any such ‘physical’ theory that does not take into account the ‘psychic,’ or what is conscious, pan-dimensional and extra-temporal, outside of timespace, is not fully based on reality.”

Comment from Tesla: “This is already being evolved, but there still remains a miasma of materialism and materialistic thinking, where even scientist’s own experiences with near death, visions and other extraordinary things still need extraordinary proof. Some few scientists have found their proof in personal experiences, and even so they hold their counsel for fear they will be marginalized at best. Interestingly, I see one of the reasons for this is a combination of family order and sibling rivalry. I do not mean just the birth order, such that the first born act differently than the second born, because there are times when that is a factor, but rather because of the patriarchal society that has devolved from its original intention of a method of passing down wisdom to a method of limiting wisdom through blindness, disdain, fear-based control and bullying.

Very few people are aware of the subtle currents of psychic communication, and most of those are women. But if what a woman perceives is erased because it is not male perception and thus suspect, then science must automatically become materialistic eventually, particularly so if even the men who perceive the finer vibrations and communications of the Source are rejected as well. Disdain is a powerful, powerful social tool, so powerful that the “lesser” of you, the lower classes, the unwanted minorities, and so on, not only come to embrace your lessened state, but bolster it by falling into the stereotypes of your “station.”

Many of you who feel they are lesser become robbers and murders and drug users instead of healers, teachers, and wealthy men of good will, much as your stereotype is bolstered by the axioms that have created it, so that society gives you only this distorted image. The issue of fear-based control is linked directly into abuse in hierarchical systems, from hazing newcomers such as first-year residents through insane schedules, of the power of the many held in the hands of the very few. Bullying with in patriarchal culture is tremendously easy, liable to become quite automatic, and is perpetrated by all within that culture to one degree or another.

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