More On the Dimension of Identity

From Nikola Tesla: “I have spoken of the Dimension of Identity a great deal, but for the most part it seems an undefined concept, perhaps even a catch-all for things that have not been fully understood. It is one of the enfolded dimensions; however, because of the Torsion Fields of Translation and Formation, you can see the evidence of this inner dimension constantly. Everything in physical form has an identity, whether it is an object with only minimal consciousness and therefore unlikely to know it has an identity, or whether an identity that has been uncovered, as in a specific object or a new species: something entirely new that has been created and made by human ingenuity or by random chance that can now be seen as a separate entity. This is the obvious form of that dimension, as obvious as potential and kinetic energy are. You are used to acting through the four dimensions of height, breadth, length and time, and using energy to carry a ball up a hill and then knock it down so it rolls. However, you rarely think about the dimensions you are using in order to accomplish this. Similarly, when you find that sweeping up pile of detritus from the floor is far easier than picking up the items one by one, you rarely realize you are similarly using energy to move things within the dimension of Identity: because of the energy you put into the sweeping process the pile now has its own identity, much as it took energy to put the ball at the top of the hill, using the dimensions of height and time at least. When you mix something as in cooking, there is a moment when the separate parts: the ground beef, spices, egg, bread crumbs and raisins abruptly become a whole thing: the ingredients to make meatballs. You can almost feel the change when this mixture has come together as a whole. Certainly this needs energy, much as carrying a ball to the top of the hill does . But pay attention to how and when identities form, and you will learn much about the nature of this enfolded dimension.”

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