More on Soul Pain

From Nikola Tesla: “Soul wounds can indeed be created by difficult situations, by impossible choices or situations where you are helpless to change a terrible outcome. However, soul wounds can also be caused by the slow, incessant grinding of lack, loss, frustration or denial as well as through shock, terror, horror, betrayal or harm. For, disenfranchisement, living in situations of condescending belittlement, helplessness, hopelessness and despair wear holes in the soul’s fabric; like a pressure sore on an invalid, these wounds can become so deep that they fester and can even turn the soul septic.

“As with a body, the soul’s septicemia is not part of the body: it is the body’s reaction to a situation: septicemia for a soul actually leads to perpetrating acts of cruelty, especially to the helpless and innocent, much as infection creates fever in the body: if and when the soul is trapped deeply in pain it loses its natural qualities of loving-kindness, empathy, joy, creativity, integrity, graciousness and compassion. From this point of view, the devils among you do not need punishment: they need true healing: soul healing, healing of the spirit, mind, body and emotions.

“Healing a vicious, unkind, or sociopathic person needs actions in all the realms of his human expression: gaps and voids in the brain need healing; imbalances and lacks in the body and its intricate systems need healing; the emotions need time and care to turn around from helpless rage into calm understanding; the person’s spirit will demand anything from a re-infusion of joy or creativity to the simple understanding that all is well because this person was created in love by Love Itself.

“Understandably, this kind of work may take lifetimes, and time in between lives as well. However, when the true complexities of how you relate to your soul and how your soul relates to you, there will be ways of protecting this person from trauma, frustration or agony in the first place, so that th4e infection cannot take hold.”

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