More on Intelligent Light

From Nikola Tesla: “As I have said, one of the easiest ways to work with Intelligent Light is when working heart-felt prayers with angels, and of course part of the reason is because angels, archangels, Keepers of the Akashic Records and other beings of Divine Grace are composed of Intelligent Light itself, which is why they can appear as physically interactive holograms from time to time, showing themselves to people who are lost in the woods, adding the extra bit of push to keep someone on a ledge and so on. Granted most of these stories are anecdotal if not apocryphal but that has been the case with any new idea that is not within the color of the Time you are in. This goes beyond ideas in science fiction becoming realities but only in their own time: as I found out myself, the Earth’s own sense of itself and its temporal structures limits what can be revealed with an utterly fine precision. That I was given the visions from the Divine Intelligence, indeed sometimes through Intelligent light’s own aegis, but that only a few things manifested clearly shows this continual, dynamic balance. 

And this is where Intelligent Light comes to its best and most effective strength: as an agent of Divine Assessment. Those religions that speak of the constant Awareness and Presence of God, that God watches all that you do, touch upon this idea; however, it is also certain that the Intelligent Light of your own Intelligent Light, the higher vibrations of your auric field that are the Divine Light, allow ongoing intercommunication as well. Much as water itself can be programmed by thoughts, or in tiny amounts of substance as in homeopathy and that in a very real sense any water anywhere is potentially capable of resonating with any other water sympathetically, so also Intelligent Light provides, thought its natural resonant connections, potential including telepathy, remote healing and other forms of congruent communication. 

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