More on Human Technology

From Nikola Tesla: “Generally, technology will create ease. Travel, building, producing goods of all kinds, keeping your home, science, medicine, entertainment and farming have all benefited from technology to one degree or another. As these things have become easier to accomplish so also your human scope has increased its expression. Robots can remove drudgery; computers can enhance any form of communication as well as every other field of human endeavor.

“However, there are some prices to be considered for this ease as well as the price that ease itself extracts. Rest is good after work: after creating, acting, playing and celebrating what is most human in you rest can be part of the creation, action, play and celebration. But when rest is not only indulged in to the point of weakening you but also becomes a state of entitled sloth, then ease has betrayed you and you have betrayed yourself. If things become too easy there is no challenge and, like it or not, your human minds, bodies, spirits and psyches are all not only meant to grow through challenge, they can be damaged without it. And as I have said before, the “ease” of a technological device such as social media can change what is human within you too rapidly for you to comprehend fully.

“And the hidden trap in technology is the fact that as more and more strive to do less and less because challenge is no longer valued or sought after, if fewer and fewer learn how to work with and master the very technology you use, then perforce an elite of those that know is created. Additionally, by complete dependence on any technology you render yourself tremendously vulnerable to any disruption to that technology, whether it is because of human action or any of countless natural forces. In this sense ease is the honey that lures you in. And surely you are as trapped by sweetness as by any sort of malicious intention.”

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