More on human consciousness

From Volume One: “The human body is also a pan-dimensional phenomenon; hence the ‘psychic’ phenomena of clairvoyance and the like.”


Comment from Tesla: “The human body, indeed any body, including single cells, is far more aware of psychic input than is imagined, or, alas, readily testable. This fact is encountered and re-encountered, in anything from plants’ responses to the galvanometer, however limited, to the tests that show people can anticipate some kinds of photographic images more readily than others, and the tests that show worldwide responses to significant events. But because of the low level of signal, where the statistics do not seem robust, this idea has not gained much traction in the scientific community: the same scientific community that wants you to believe in cosmic rays, dark matter, dark energy, and gravitons, all of which have even less impact on physical systems… But life does respond to non-physical input all the time, from rabbits being held with love managing better in situations of high stress such as cosmetics testing, or mothers that sense their children are in danger.

I do grant you that the signals can be subtle, but a low signal is still a signal. And I grant you that chaos works with these signals as it does with everything else, so that it seems you must be gifted in one way or another, but what is the fuss about that? Some people are colorblind; if everyone is colorblind, does it mean that colors do not exist? And when there is someone who can see the psychic ‘colors’ of reality, those who are not psychic themselves can rarely understand. Indeed, this whole issue of gifted ones might even apply to the plants themselves. Some African Grays are very good at discerning words, but not every one is. Similarly, there may be some plants, as there are some people, that are more sensitive to those non-physical cues.”

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