More on Dreams:

From Nikola Tesla: “There are various ways to work with dreams that do not need a ‘dream book’ filled with easy symbolic interpretations: if you remember a dream, you can continue it in your imagination, and allow its components to reveal their hidden aspects; you can use the dream as the seed for a daydream; you can train yourself to dream lucidly; you could contemplate the aspects of the dream in meditation, peaking to each one as you wish. You can focus upon those aspects that seem multi-dimensional: that you were a different person in the dream or that you were doing something with people that you knew in the dream and have never seen before in real life or that you shifted from one place to another instantaneously, with barely a nod to physics. 

“However, a fascinating way to work with your dreams is to set up a field of intercommunication. This can be done in meditation or reverie: you take an aspect of the dream, say for instance the fact that you were standing on a parapet surrounded by flowers and there were birds flying overhead.

“Take each aspect of the dream: you, the parapet, the flowers and the birds, and see the dream from each thing or being’s point of view. See band be yourself; be the parapet with its balustrade, and know what type of substance makes you, knowing the color, texture, weight or any other aspect of the place you are sanding upon that you can imagine. How long has that parapet been there?

“And the birds: Imagine what they might think if they were to see you standing there. If you become the birds, what types of birds are you? Falcons or pigeons, songbirds or seagulls? Do you as a bird recognize you as a human being? Do you have any specific memories regarding this person? And the flowers: are they cut flowers in water, living flowers in pots or flowers carved of stone? Have you been with them before, in other dreams or other times?  Work the dream this way, and then you can go onto the next step.” 

To be continued…

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