More on Belief

From Volume Two: “Belief and information interrelate constantly in more than the human system. When properly focused and coherent, belief can change the coding and nature of any thing or process, and directly alter the way information is utilized or engaged.”

Comment from Tesla: “In this, it shows its direct connection to the dimension of Identity, and to human consciousness. Belief changes 4-D reality quite directly, and in numerous ways. I include disbelief here too, for what I hope are obvious reasons: if you do not believe something is possible, it will never be attempted, and that has a definite result on the shape of your local reality indeed. But it must be remembered that belief also engages the Zero dimension, and through it the divine Intelligence and Intention. The intricate interconnections between belief and disbelief are a subject that has fascinated many for centuries, and some of those have never incarnated. Belief is assayed through free will choices. But when choices themselves are limited by beliefs, a particular spiritual agony is created: ‘I must, but I can’t,’ or, ‘I can’t, but I must.’ Sometimes unconscious beliefs override conscious ones, and sometimes, unconscious beliefs override the conscious mind so completely that you are not even aware of the beliefs that are driving you. Understandably, this is a vast subject. Belief that is unexamined can be quite dangerous, and lack of self-reflection has many human costs. If children are taught meditation and elf-reflection, they can choose their beliefs, and in that process of conscious choice, understand that beliefs are within their command and control. This not only empowers the self, it allows for beliefs to remain flexible, to allow tolerance.” Comment from Francesca: The worse danger is when beliefs become axioms directly because they are unexamined. And the differences between beliefs that are pre-coded, as in a religious or non-religious upbringing, or that are evolved from life experiences, have different impacts, to say nothing of our beliefs about ourselves, our relationship to the world and to others, must be considered separately, I think. There are some beliefs that must be questioned, and cut apart with the razor of logic; There are others that must have their roots in conviction.

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