Meditation: In Body, Out of Body, Containing Body

From Nikola Tesla: “Close your eyes and focus on your body. Feel how it sits in the chair; feel where it is a little chilled or too warm. Focus on it with even more detail: how, precisely, are your feet feeling? How are the foot-bones arranged, and how do the muscles lie on the bones? What are the ankles doing, and the lower legs? Watch your own awareness of your very physical body travels up along its form, and pay attention to the details. Have you thanked your liver lately for all its work detoxifying what you eat or drink? Do you know where your spleen is? And your thymus: is it really as dead and unused as it’s supposed to be once you’re out of childhood, or is there some life in it yet?

“Now, pay attention to your immediate environment with as much concentration on detail as you did with your body. Granted, you don’t have nerve endings that tell you about the chair you’re sitting in, but you can imagine it or “make it up.” Feel how the cushion in the chair shifts it shape to take your body’s weight, and how that load affects the chair-legs. Do the legs have wheels? Are they resting on the rug, or tile or wood? Is the chair close to the wall or in the middle of the room? Pay attention to the details! 

“Finally, imagine that your consciousness is rising above both your body and the chair, floating upward into the air above. This may actually be more difficult because your concentrating mind is so used to being based in your skull, in the area just behind your eyes. But persist, until you feel you are looking down at your body and its chair from the ceiling. When you have that image clearly, again pay as much attention as you can to the details. Can you see in your mental vision how the light falls on the body and the chair? Can you sense the atmosphere around both?”

To be continued…

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