Margins and Consciousness

Volume Two: “Semi-conductive realities such as margins, edges; half-states and transitional states promote Life and Light precisely because they engage the enfolded M-D geometries that are evidenced so clearly in stem cells.”

Comment from Tesla: “Interestingly enough, though perhaps not surprising, consciousness is one of the most marginal states of being in this context; as we said in Volume One, consciousness is the chaotic delimiter of chaos itself. Indeed, were you to follow your own consciousness awareness and watch how it reacts, you would notice that the conscious, sub- and un- conscious minds work simultaneously, and that the unconscious mind is closely connected to Source. If you were to pay even more attention, you would notice that the three expressions of your personal human consciousness can be made to intersect with each other in order to increase or decrease the connections to divine energy, and this of course transforms and re-transforms that energy and your self constantly. The exact and specific geometries by which your three aspects of mind interrelate to one another are what create your core tone: the totally singular and never-repeated “note” of your chaotic inner surfaces engaging one another. This uniqueness and particularity of that conscious expression is indeed why, and paradoxically how, infinity has been created. Those that increase Life in their lives through love, spiritual practice, compassion or even just plain tolerance broaden the enfolded angles of connection tremendously, and thus have more chances of living longer, richer lives. On the Earth at present, with the low levels of energy, there are many good and loving people that do not live long lives, and that may not command the grace they deserve, but this is changing with the profound re-alignments and re-calibration that you have been creating so diligently. In a very close metaphor, the fact that so many have opened and re-opened these inner spiritual geometries leads directly to a greater formation of what might be called spiritual stem cells: standing waves of focused divine Awareness that that allow you to transform your lives and your conscious relationship to them, re-creating more of the original sense of profound Grace.”

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