Making Peace with Pain?

From Nikola Tesla: “There are some who have learned how to deal with pain by refusing to succumb to it: this is called a negative reaction to pain. A young girl with endometriosis that is told again and again, “You’re not hurting! You shouldn’t be feeling any pain with this monthly stuff: it’s natural!” or whatever, might actually train her body to be unable to feel the pain she is feeling even though., by most accounts, the pain of endometriosis can be very similar to that of childbirth itself. Or someone with rheumatoid arthritis that is a parent or someone who has the family responsibility of caring for an aged parent might just get used to: “I am always hurting at level three or four. It’s only bad, it’s only pain when it gets up to a seven out of ten.”There are several people that have a negative reaction to pain because they have been in so much pain that pain has become normal.

“And there are those that feel tremendous, agonizing emotional pain: being the only survivor in a car accident that has taken their spouse, children, and their best friend all at once, where there was no hope of saving any of them: that is a pain this person would wake up to every day, sleep with every night, eat with all of his meals and never be out of its vicious tortures. Or someone has seen others killed somehow, or watched a beloved one waste away, losing memory after memory, precious thought after precious thought, and there was nothing that could have been done. The emotional pain for these and other people is almost as dire as the physical pain of a devastating injury, leftover harm or damaged from war.

“And yet, you move away from pain whenever you can. You mask it, dull it, distract yourself from it or even kill yourself outright rather than feel it. Some of this is your genetic heritage: if someone or something is hurting you it’s best to get away from the pain so you can stop the hurt being done. But when you cannot move away or escape the pain something else must be done.”

To be continued… 

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