Love, Fear and Grief


And what about the benefits of love? In your human experience, the obvious effects of love seem far, far fewer than those of fear and rage. In a culture that uses commercials that equate “love” with “greedy acquisitiveness” or “exclusive possession,” it seems as though you are in a nearly hopeless position. Burdened and hemmed in as you are at every turn by fear, anxiety, terror and dread, whatever was God’s purpose in creating fear in the first place, if it is such a burden and costs so much in life and over lifetimes? Why ever would God need rage, much less give it to human beings to work with and through? And whatever could be the value of grief?

You may laugh when I tell you: fear is your soul’s compass, rage can be the light that shows the terrain, and grief frankly assesses where love is within you. As a compass needle has both South and North, so also your soul has Fear and Love. Generally, the deeper into fear you are or the deeper into material manifestation and anxiety, the further you are from Love. Similarly, the more enraged you are with the darker, ill-burning rage of resentment, envy, revenge or even disdain, the more poorly you see ahead and the more you are likely to stumble into something foolish or dangerous. As terrain may be illuminated with different kinds of light, there are degrees and qualities to rage as much as there are degrees and qualities to love and some do not burn cleanly. However the ice of grief may provide passage into new parts of your soul that might not ever be reached without its bridge. Grief opens compassion and thus wisdom; grief can cause your mind to become still enough to hear the voice of your soul.

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