Intelligent Light, continued

From Nikola Tesla: “As I said in the last post, intelligence is a function of consciousness whose source is in the enfolded dimensions, and so it is with light as well. As the multi-dimensional, enfolded “shape” of a sphere or a circle does not look like a sphere in the inner dimensions, so also intelligence has a different form: intelligence is actually a series of non-atomic valences that create structures of light in 4-D reality and create structures of perception and communication within multi-dimensional geometries. In other words, intelligence gives specific order to form, including the rarefied “form” of intelligent light.

“As in many living things, intelligence is an additive process for light as well as for microbes and more complex forms. In  beginning forms, vision is rudimentary: simply perceiving degrees of light, and thus motion. Further degrees of perception are built upon these essential factors, until more and more of light and its interaction with the surfaces and at times interiors of solid objects become clearer and clearer. From gradients of light to details of form to combining form and motion and then adding color, vision, physical forms’ perception of light is expanded by degrees. Similarly, light’s own intelligence is expanded by degrees, with the first intelligent action of light being the double-slit experiment, where light is “taught” to perceive itself as a wave or a particle.

“Much as the microbe can perceive gradations of light, light perceives gradations of observation, but in most cases it has not developed beyond this specific aspect. To a degree this is a result of the questions that are being asked of light: choosing one slit or another is a fairly automatic process, and does not tax light’s intelligence at all. For light to expand its perceptive intelligence, it will need new questions asked of it: can it become a data steam that cancels its own “speed limit,” so that present-time information may be obtained through light’s own “body?” Could light use its own valences to affect physical matter? That is often the case in miraculous healing, and may even be one of the reasons why angels and saints are shown to be full of light.”

To be continued…


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