Intelligent Light: Conclusion

From Nikola Tesla: “The first way to reach towards understanding Intelligent Light is to refine and purify yourself. In this context, this process does not necessarily mean that you must become more holy, more moral or religious or physically pure: it means to take your energy as it is, just as you work with it now, and then to refine it by adding more light to it and then to distill that light-energy by allowing it to become more and more, stronger and stronger, so that you feel more and more and more like yourself. Because you are reaching into your native light-energy, this is not an ‘ego trip:’ you clean and clear your own inner lenses so that you see more and more of your true self, clearer and clearer. You are the only ‘you’ there is: it’s best if you can become the best version of yourself that you can, This may mean some soul-searching; this may mean looking at things that are dark and frightening or at things that are so beautiful, courageous, honest and loving and bright that they are even more terrifying! But it matters who you are: it counts. And within you there is always the core of divine Light.

When you are in that perfectly poised state of being fully in accord with your own energy, then sense the intelligence within the light around you. The light’s intelligence might seem alien and strange; it might seem hard to understand; it might put you into a dreamlike state or it might seem to be totally unresponsive: in the beginning, all of these potentials are accurate, and will lead to the next step: asking this Intelligent Light for information. If you already know how you receive Divine Communication, whether clairaudiently, clairvoyantly or through direct comprehension, you merely need to open your mind into that preferred form, and receive. If you do not know how you receive information, then simply tell the light to show you its information of wisdom, knowledge and Grace. Trust yourself to receive!”

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