Intelligent Light Again

From Nikola Tesla: Needless to say, any discovery of Light’s intelligence depends upon asking it the intelligent questions it needs in order to respond to human intentions and it also needs sufficient human intelligence to understand its answers. Paradoxically, scientific analysis might even get in the way of both the answers and the questions: personal spiritual training and  experience might be the better method to pursue asking Light what its true nature is. Indeed, spiritual masters of all places and times have been able to ask enough of the right questions of light to be able to heal, to see the future and to speak for the souls of the people. Some of these spiritual teachers seek out the Light; and the Light seeks out others so that they become masters through Light’s own wisdom.

Again, at base, Light’s intelligence is multi-dimensional, and what else is the source of multi-dimensional reality but the Zero Dimension, the place of God? For this reason alone science must learn from religion and religion from science until they agree with the many who have said that they are, in truth, the same: science is the study of God, religion is the discovery of God and spiritual mastery is created in the place where science and religion meet. Indeed, if done correctly, attuning to the divine automatically enables your human mind, heart and intelligence to perceive the rarefied, challenging languages with which light speaks. 

As an expression of the Divine Intelligence, Light itself knows which questions you can create and which answers you may receive, so perhaps the first thing you must do is to ask  Light to align your mind and thoughts into laser-like focus. You may learn this focus form a spiritual teacher, but Light can be your spiritual teacher; you can learn this clarity from trial and error and all of your other experiences, but if you ask Light, “What is your true nature?” and agree to learn from its intelligence, you will more likely find that you are given the tools you need than if you reach out with what you already know.

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