Human Technology

From Nikola Tesla: “A truly human technology is one that does not eclipse, control, fragment, demean, lessen or frustrate what is considered human: emotions, desires, creativity, curiosity, wonder, spirituality, compassion and the capacity to love freely. Any technology that allows a human being to expand his scope in these human expressions is what is most desirable: this is technology in service of human beings. That was my intention behind creating alternating current: I wished to free every one of you from drudgery in order to allow you the freedom to choose from your better, more spiritual and compassionate truths. I wished that Humanity would have technology as a servant and never wished for you to become the servants of technology.

“However, there is already too much pressure to fit you to technology or, more correctly, to create a technology that appears to support you but that rather acts as a wave-guide which limits you, warping your shape into its own efficient, emotionless, super-quick, streamlined and perhaps even amoral expressions and you pay heavily for it, because an attitude that desires results can frequently misunderstand its own causes or the ramifications of those same results. Technology is, and always has been until recently, a tool: something that allows humanity to prosper, expand, heal, learn and grow.

“Yet if technology, particularly technology driven by those forces that desire control of an entranced populace that takes in data passively, instead of reaching into what is more and more human, is allowed to supersede human intentions, it alters human beings for its own purposes. This was already begun in the Industrial Revolution, when human lives were molded to machines’ schedules, often literally at the price of those same human lives. When you allow this to happen, your Humanity has slipped from your grasp and become alien to you: human scale, human interactions and human aspirations fall beneath the remorseless structure created by a blind, implacable and inhuman entity.”

One thought on “Human Technology

  1. So true, technology can liberate or confine… such as smart phones and social media making children today feel more empowered, but in an addictive way. The internet, though a wonderful tool, has created a generation of kids who expect instant gratification and communicate lazily in impersonal sound-bites rather than face to face. I look forward to when we develop a less dependent relationship with technology and focus more on developing our own untapped multidimensional capabilities of consciousness and connection. Great channel, as always. Thanks!

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