Human Consciousness and Prayer

From Nikola Tesla: “Consciousness, by its very nature, flickers. The Units of Consciousness, the tiny non-particle, energetic points of Divine Awareness that connect to each other in tetrahedron shapes, are in continual flux between the enfolded and unfolded dimensional state in order to bridge the two aspects of reality and thus allow manifestation. Para-light’s steady, vibrationless state of essential Light keeps this constant state of flicker from becoming an ungovernable, unrecogniziable blur by providing a steady point of reference. Much as you have the constant sense of watching yourself, checking to see what, where and why you are doing something, the Zero dimension that contains everything and is contained by everything, needs a way to check itself, to be aware of itself. One of the ways in which the Divine Awareness discovers the results of its intentions is with human consciousness, and particularly human prayer.

“As has been said before, there are many intelligent beings in the universe and many forms of consciousness, yet human consciousness is unique: the particular, dynamic balance of semi-conduction on a humanly intelligent being resonates with the essential Divine rhythm best. There are many other beings that have developed consciousness to a high level on Earth such as the cetaceans and others like elephants. and there are similar beings in other worlds. However, to say that only human beings have souls is accurate in the sense that only human beings are aware enough of the Divine Being to ask that Being for something, to praise that Being and to contemplate that Being. Granted, you ask for help more often than you offer praise, but that is in part because of the huge disparity between what you remember yourselves to be and what your limited experience on Earth is. The cells in your body have their own memories of looking out for what is wrong because to do so often saved them. However, when you reach beyond what your cells know and begin praising the One Source, you actually give that Source a clearer idea of Its manifestation and that clarity becomes a superlative gift.”

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