Hierarchy of Vibrations

Volume Two: “No unfolded vibration can entrain or overwhelm an enfolded one. This outrageous statement must be qualified later, of course. But it is a spiritual truth in many respects.”

Comment from Tesla: “Certainly, unfolded vibrations of all kinds, including physicality itself, can overwhelm other unfolded dimensions and vibrations constantly in specific circumstances, such as when a higher-energy vibration from the enfolded dimensions creating a state of spiritual enlightenment can certainly be overwhelmed if a berserker kills the enlightened being out of hand. I had not meant to be absurd with my statement above, or with my caveats either: what I was attempting to describe was inter-dimensional slopes. Much as time is a Moebius strip that shows only one infinite side to physical reality, reality has actually been constructed as a top-down loop. I say loop because there is a constant flow of intention, experience, digestion and re-assimilation going on between the inner and outer levels of reality. However, their essential configuration, their hierarchy if you will, remains. In this sense, the entire universe is anentropic in essence, and to a greater or lesser degree within 4-D physicality as well. This anentropy is the reason why lower vibrations, much less dimensions or torsion fields can entrain the higher dimensions. In short, the source of reality remains in its original state of vibration and M-D geometry despite whatever is going on, or appears to be going on, with 4-D reality.” Comment from Francesca: “I know the saying, ‘as above: so below,’ and we immediately leap to its opposite, ‘as below: so above.’ But if the latter were truly the case, everything would have sunk back into the dimension of Primordial Chaos almost instantly, because the gradients would have become hopelessly enmeshed. As time cannot exist without its own infinity to give a continual and constant reference point to physical reality, so also reality cannot exist without the eternal, unaffected, pure Heart of Creation.”

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