Healing Psychic Pain

From Nikola Tesla: “‘Ghost-hunters’ know that buildings or areas of land can retain ghosts for centuries if there has been sufficient trauma, such as wars or horrific murders. Many of these ghosts are disconnected psychic patterns: the trauma in the physical, mental or emotional experience is so great that the person or persons affected cannot process them in their physical forms: in this case the pain is ‘shunted off’ much like a collapsing star blows off its surface layers as it collapses. The resulting shock wave and nebula leaves the star, of course, yet it remains in physical form.

“Similarly, trauma often causes you to shunt your feelings of grief, shock, betrayal, fear and/or desperation outside of your body as much as possible: one example of this is when a soldier stops feelings his emotions, whether they are fear or rage, long enough to rescue his fellows, meanwhile ignoring the gaping wounds in his own body. If he were a fool, he would ignore those wounds until he bled to death, though generally soldiers are not fools. However, your psychic body may also have gaping wounds that are either not addressed even later, or are forbidden healing in some very sad cases, mostly those of women and second-class citizens.

Blaming someone that you have harmed, declaring that they ‘asked for it,’ is heinous. Giving others’ actions, words, or simple existence as ‘reason’ for your bad behavior is a form of lying to yourself and to them. Like a binary star made up of a normal companion, the wounded black hole sucks the live and substance from the normal star, turning them both into a larger black hole. In situations where the original psychic pain is refused audience: when you do not have the courage to face your traumas, your psychic pain becomes toxic, harming others and never helping the original wounds within you.” 

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  1. Just noticed that your Afterlife Comments book won a 2017 Covr Gold Award. Big congrats to you both Francesca and Nikola, well deserved!! Your books are amazing and I have learned so much… and learn something new each time I reread them. Nikola’s insights are such a multi-layered gift that keep on giving. Thanks again!

    • Dear Michael, I haven’t been writing in my blog because I have been busy with Volume Four and I was also at the Conscious Life Expo in LA: now, that was a trip! Stay well and enjoy your journey.

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