From Volume One: The human body

“The human body, and indeed the bodies of all living things, animate or inanimate, is a psychic phenomenon, and a pan-dimensional process.”

Comment from Tesla: “In a very real sense, human consciousness needs to be stepped down in order to function within 4-D reality, through the baffles and offsets and labyrinthine turns of the torsion fields, the ‘folding’ of the dimension of identity that causes its refined layers of expression, and thus the complexity of consciousness itself. Indeed, the process of becoming a fully conscious human being is much as it is with crafting a fine sword with the heating, annealing, folding, and so on, again and again. This metaphor is apt: the iron from which the steel is made is common; the steel is less common but already has greater value, but the iron that has been worked into a Samurai sword or fine Damascus steel can cut through illusions, and sever the chains on the heart of the universe.

When a human being has developed enough to become a great teacher, an emissary from Source, he or she transcends even the limits of the dimension of Identity because of the tremendous amount of focus and work that has been done. When this happens, the psychic aspects of the person, personality, and other living things around this one become enhanced. The great healers did open healing for others, but a tremendous amount of this healing was actually their own healing sourced from the same core of reality, and enabled through nothing more than resonance. That the body can heal itself at all is because it remembers its non-corporeal source, and how it relates to the deeper, enfolded dimensions that have higher gradients of energy. In short, the more you and your body can remember that you are an expression of the invisible, non-physical, M-D-sourced Intention of the Zero dimension, the more easily you can heal.”

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