Commentary on Volume One Continued:

From Volume One: “How do the strong overcome their trials? That is not the question that is usually asked.”

Comment from Tesla: “This in mainly because it is easier to see when something is different, i.e. broken, than something that is the general norm. When you go on a route that has become a habit, you do not see the trees you pass, nor the houses or office buildings, but if there is something new, or there is something blocking your path, you notice. Some of this is simply mental laziness: understandably learning takes a tremendous amount of energy, and the body is used to conserving energy because it has had eons of experience with the unexpected. It remains easier to pay attention to the one unusual thing, and takes much less energy, than to watch your usual route with the same intensity of learning it the first time. This gentle laziness of habituation can be a good thing, so that human beings especially can think of other things, and dream and plan, and so on.

But habituation can become so much of a trance that even the unusual is ignored, such as the odd fact that three people can be given the same conditions in life, and have three very different experiences. ‘Well, or course,’ you may say, ‘that is the nature of life: people are different,’ and surely of course they are. But if your habituated brain forgets to pay attention, you don’t see or imagine what those differences might mean. There are some tendencies: women tend to be stronger about some things than men, and vice versa, but when you pay attention to the statistical shape of things, you may not only notice the effect of the torsion field of proportion [see Volume Two] but also how there are some that break free of the expected patterns, or models, of behavior, sometimes to an astonishing degree. This obviously can illuminate some of the nature of the dimension of Identity as well. Nevertheless the main issue is: you would learn a great deal more by studying strength than weakness.”

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