On the Nature of Consciousness

From Volume One: “By ‘psychic,’ I mean that the human body’s nature is at base consciousness, not physical alone. The nature of this consciousness is separate from timespace.”

Comment from Tesla: “Timespace itself is huge, wonderful, grand, and frequently inexplicable, but this is why I have been offering this new view on physics that does its best to factor in the enfolded dimensions without mathematics. But the constant conundrum for physics as a discipline and physicists as human beings is the observer effect itself: you and the reality you perceive inter-create each other constantly. This might be easy to see on a personal level: if you look for nothing but reasons to be depressed, not only will you constantly find them, but all too often things will happen that reinforce this original choice of your own focus; similarly, if you practice seeing joy and beauty, even ugliness will have a different meaning. You are used to seeing this in your emotional nature and your personality, but physicists often forget that this inter-creation continues even though they are engaged in science.

There is also the working and re-working of existing patterns. Some writers of alternate reality tales, where they write of alternate historical timelines based on one incident being different, understand the arbitrary nature of axioms after all: what exists is always subject to interpretation. In true human fashion, when confronted with something new that does not make sense, the first impulse is to fall back into the trenches of whatever worked best previously, whether or not that method or interpretation would give you the real, new answer. This is why I am excited about the new possibilities of creating a psychic scientist.

This does not necessarily one that can intuit the murder at a crime scene, or the love and best wishes that a deceased relative has for you; rather, I am speaking of a scientist that is used to exercising his or her consciousness, as Jane Roberts suggested with her own friend and colleague, Seth. If you were to train your minds with as much effort, science, and wonder as has gone into the Large Hadron Colider, you would not only have had an interesting set of experiences, you would have actually learned more about your nature, and the nature of the reality that formed you.”

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