Folding Yourself Out of Time

From Nikola Tesla: “As I mentioned last week, you do not fold Time as much as folding your human self out of its patterns, so that the structures of the past no longer drive the experiences of the present or the future. This can be done with tedious care as with long hours spent in counseling or group work as within AA, grief counseling for losses of many kinds or simply working with someone else in order to straighten out misunderstandings: as these are forms of healing and thus bring in higher-level energies from the enfolded dimensions, Time itself must be used to change your relationship to its continual flow.

“There are meditations that might be used to facilitate the processes, both in terms of time spent and the effort of the work, though the truest help can be had from the higher dimensions themselves, as in spontaneous initiations, miraculous conversions or revelation: these are often outside of your command and apart from your conscious work, though such shifts can only happen when you do the personal, psychological and/or meditative work.

I have said elsewhere that Time is a steady reference point for many aspects of the unfolded dimensions; I would add that part of the reason for creating Time, besides to use it as a means of separating Space into incidents that do not coincide, is also part of what upholds the very illusion of human identity. The purpose of bending yourself out of Time’s structures is to change your relationship to Time but the experience of bending yourself free of those temporal structures is terrifying and exhilarating, challenging and full of Grace, thus demanding the strength of spiritual courage and humility’s gentle acceptance. You need to become pliable enough to slide free of Time’s own structures, particularly the emotional cages created by repetition and accretion: you need to withdraw from your identification of Time’s past structures that you have used in order to take advantage of Time’s steady reference point, and instead open yourself up into your  higher-order dimension of Identity.” 

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