Folding para-light and manifesting reality

Volume Two: “If this offset [of the angles of Life and Light] did not exist, there would be no M-D gradients, allowing such things as potential energy, the electrons’ quantum effects of their displacement and replacement in 4-D, and all energetic processes.”

Comment from Tesla: “You can explain the manifestation of the divine Zero dimension as though the para-light scored itself along lines of force as you would score heavy paper to allow it to fold into compressible shapes, or cutting the globe into a equal-area projected map. Within this metaphor, this scoring and folding of the vibrationless para-light allows the infinite to be expressed within the finite Source and retain the majority of its characteristics within more and more finite expressions, as in the Juliet sets of fractal images. Because of this metaphorical folding and re-folding, infinity can be found in anything and everything, even though 4-D reality is only an expression of the Zero dimension and not that dimension itself. Still within the limits of the metaphor, Life is what creates the scoring, the delimiting, of the “fabric” of light. Much as human consciousness is the chaos that is the delimiter of chaos itself (see Volume One), Life gives shape and meaning to para-light directly. Life has the power it has because it is doing nothing less than shaping and re-shaping, folding and re-folding the enfolded geometries with their higher energy constantly, not only in terms of fields and forces, photons and quantum effects, but also because of its relationship to the units of consciousness, which as said above are smaller even than quarks. Photons and their wavelengths are the “ghosts,” shadows and reflections, of this para-light of the Source, and all units of consciousness are birthed in the Source. When you start using your consciousness to uncover its own nature, you open these angles between M-D and 4-D reality even more. Comment from Francesca: “Jane Roberts and Seth coined the term ‘consciousness units’ long ago, but I do know that the consciousness unit’s inner shapes create the Three Essential forms of sphere, line, and chaotic edge much as water is ice, water, and steam.”

2 thoughts on “Folding para-light and manifesting reality

  1. I really like his statement of “Much as human consciousness is the chaos that is the delimiter of chaos itself ” that implies to me that chaos only exists in the human dimension and that the other dimensions outside of ours are well ordered (i.e. without any chaotic effects as we know them).

    • Dear Bill,

      Thank you very much! But we have to disappoint you: Tesla actually considers Primordial Chaos as a dimension in itself, and it works quite directly with the Zero dimension, the dimension of Identity, and various torsion fields to generate reality.


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