Engaging Intelligent Light

Photons, both within and outside of the visual range, are entrained through the use of a laser and can be perceived through a polarizing filter, and these physical tools provide obvious clues as to how you might entrain light psychically or spiritually, especially when you consider thoughts themselves to be aspects of light. much as radio, micro, gamma and X-ray waves are: leaping from the neurons’ cellular interactions much as bioluminescence shines from animals’ bodies, the thoughts that leap up from your neurons have not been discerned in the brain, like infrared or ultraviolet frequencies, thoughts are perceived by their effects upon physical matter and consciousness. Thus,cohering your thoughts in deep meditation and learning to perceive the polarized aspects of thought (not only the conscious and unconscious aspects but the transcendent and spiritual ones.

As radio waves exist in the atmosphere constantly, much as all other forms of light, yet must be “caught” by a tuner much as the laser must have a crystal, you must refine the inner lattices of your mind in order to cohere them into an effective form; hence, of course, the years of spiritual study and being trained by a teacher or perhaps allowing yourself moments of Grace by which you change the polarity your own thoughts so that they mesh in step with the divine intention, giving your thoughts greater impact upon reality. In a very real sense, the method of spiritual training does not matter: learning how to use the crystal of spiritual comprehension does: when you know that your thoughts, prayers or wishes are heard and see the direct evidence in later incidents, then you know you have match the divine carrier wave’s resonance.

You can certainly use your own thoughts to engage intelligent Light; indeed, until science has worked out a few more details, the mind is the only means of communication. And, similar to the crystal wave guides for lasers or radios, your mind needs to learn more about light itself. What, after all, is the frequency of intelligent light? 

3 thoughts on “Engaging Intelligent Light

  1. I synchronistically “happened upon” your website a couple of weeks ago and I am absolutely awestruck by the profound insights you share… I have devoured every post and ordered all 3 of your books LOL! A mechanical engineer for many years, I experienced a spiritual awakening several years ago and have been obsessed with numerology and physics ever since, including the amazing work of Nikola. During this time I have been receiving many peculiar insights (mostly clairvoyant) regarding the physics of spirituality and consciousness as a “vibrational blueprint”, but was struggling to understand how it all fit together… until I found this blog. Nikola clearly and eloquently describes everything I have been seeing and puts it into such beautiful context. Just want to say thank you Francesca and Nikola for all you do, you truly are a divine collaboration!

    • Dear Michael,

      Thank you very much for writing: it is a pleasure to hear of your spiritual search and your courage in opening to your own spiritual awakening. Please forgive the lateness of this reply: I had just finished this week’s post when I saw your letter. I and Nikola Tesla are most pleased that our work has helped clarify your own perceptions and kudos to you for working with your innate clairvoyance. You are more than welcome for any help we may have given you and are very glad you found what we presented to be of use.

      Interestingly, your own description of yourself reminds me of my husband: raised by a competent machinist, he trained as a physicist, became a computer engineer (plus a superlative fix-it person!) and has been my in-house tech support for working out the esoterica of computers in our 27 years of marriage. I’ll tell you, the man has such patience… (-;

      I have been so honored to work with Nikola Tesla all these years and have long been convinced that he already has a complete body of work he wishes to present. I have been a natural channel for 20 years, and when he first came to me I said, “Wait a moment! Don’t go just because we finished this article: you’re telling me the secrets of the universe and you can’t stop now!”

      Again, we are glad to hear from you and it is a pleasure to respond.

      Francesca Thoman

      • Dear Francesca,

        Yes, your husband and I do sound like kindred spirits… and I’ve performed a similar techie role for my wife of 27 years as well. Thanks for your kind reply, I’m so glad you didn’t let Nikola go after that first article!

        P.S. As I’m typing this I’m seeing an image of a person wearing eyeglasses, then pinching the bridge together with their fingers as if the frame is coming apart, then holding a loose glass lens in their hand, then fixing them with a tiny screwdriver… perhaps Spirit’s funny way of commending your husband on one of his latest fix-it projects 🙂

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