Engaging Higher-Order Creativity

From Volume Two: “Consciously engaging the higher-order energies and states of para-temporal realities can be done without demanding that the locus of the engagement is also at a higher energy. This most generally can occur in the marginal, twilight states of consciousness.”

Comment from Tesla: “In other words, the semi-conducting twilight states of mind: dreams, reverie, imagination, creativity and states of consciousness altered through religious or spiritual exaltation shift the inner geometries of consciousness itself into fresh alignments with the higher-energy dimensions so that these dimensions “pour” or “stretch” themselves far enough to touch the slower, lower-energy configurations and shift them. Rather like putting a tiny cup under a waterfall in order to catch one drop from the Niagara of divine consciousness, the particular, offset focus of a thoughtful or dreaming mind opens a tiny moment of receptivity. This is why artists and writers may begin well, with a shining, different idea, and then lose that original impetus over time: the even with the blurred softness of a twilight state, the “roar” of the infinitely creative waterfall becomes too frightening over time. Granted, some or you are more facile with beginnings in the first place: beginnings are functions of conception, and conception automatically engaged the higher dimensions necessarily, so you can ride on that higher-level energy as well as receiving it. You can take the metaphorical funicular railway up to the falls, put your cup out and feel at least somewhat secure. But when you must get out of the railway car and stand by the waterfall, holding their cup out to it with just your own feet for balance, that can frighten you clear away from your creative expression’s original gift, whether it be a new series of books, or a new style of painting, or a new way of relating to others. Those of you who believe that the blurriness, the semi-conducting nature of the receptive state of mind is what is needed might drink, or do drugs, in order to reproduce that moment of alignment. But it is not the semi-conducting states that opens and receives the creativity, it is the alignment with the higher-order, higher-energy dimensions.

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