Emotions: Shame and Blame

From Nikola Tesla: “Another way, paradoxically, that you can hold onto emotions without being fully aware that you are doing so is by blame. Blaming is an infant soul’s way of coping: the youngest souls are not strong and capable enough to withstand remorse: the awareness of the effects upon others or yourself of a wrong that you have committed. It takes tremendous courage and power of soul to perceive, discern, assess and accept when and where you have acted in a loveless manner. However, it is only though realizing and accepting your personal agency within your actions and thus the effects of your actions that you can even hope to begin to change. 

“The challenge of Earth is, as has been said elsewhere in numerous presentations: you create your own reality. For an inexperienced soul, the very concept of creating anything seems very simple and very hard: coming as it does from the very Core of Creativity, it feels creativity is simple because it has been submerged in the original creative energies since it was given its identity so that creativity is as simple and automatic as breathing. However, any human soul also remembers its origins in the divine Love that regards its creations (and therefore itself) with tolerance, acceptance and understanding in all things: this is the Heaven from which we all come. 

“However, when “you create your own reality” reveals itself to be not a simple thing of ideas pushing other ideas into new shapes, but rather a physical experience, the younger soul is quite at a loss about what to do. Previously, everything was accepted: all feelings were legitimate; all consequences were mild or even nonexistent; all of your actions were given immediate scope; all of your whims were gratified.

“It is always such a tremendous shock when the new soul realizes that everything is different on the Earth: too different. Not only is its disparity of energies only held together loosely by semi-conducting states, all choices lead to results that last. The fundamentally ephemeral nature of Heaven is gone.”

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