Emotional Pain, Continued

From Nikola Tesla: “As I said above, emotional pain must be faced and experienced in order to be dealt with effectively, else it takes up more and more of your human self’s energy. However, you are generally given very few tools to do this; in addition, the greater part of your culture promotes surface solutions to surface problems, and emotional pain can run very, very deep. Especially in a consumer-driven culture where you are taught, indeed, practically browbeaten into looking for solutions outside of yourself, the idea of going into those alien depths of your old hurts or new pain quite intimidates you. What would you do down there, in the midst of your misery, feelings of rejection, loss, shock and grief? How can you work with these things? Better, far better, to pacify them, throwing the meat to Cerberus at the gates of Hell and turning back, rather than confronting the beast any further. 

“Now: it is no mistake that the name for Hell’s guardian and the brain’s most mental part, the cerebrum, have exactly the same root: in their instinctive wisdom the Greeks realized that the mind could both guard those depths by coming up with more than one threat, more than one answer: when you want to go into your deep, painful emotions the mind will always come up with multiple reasons why you should not, up to and including that it’s someone else’s fault, that doing so will damage or at least debilitate you, or at the very least that the whole project is terrifying and unwise to attempt. But if the mind is Hell’s guardian, what is the piece of meat you can throw to pacify it? Oddly enough, perhaps, it’s surrender: the willingness to be vulnerable, to be ‘at affect’ of your fear, grief, loneliness and despair, but, as Orpheus threw the meat but did not stay long enough to become Cerberus’ dessert, so also you need to feel the grief or other emotional pain but remain just enough aloof that you do not get consumed.”

To be continued.., 

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