Dreams, Imagination and Perception: Part Two

From Nikola Tesla: “As the core of light is para-light, the light without vibration, so also the core of Timespace neither Time nor Space: everything happens at once and does not express itself in spatial relationships. As suggested in some of my earlier articles, this is both because of and it creates Reality’s inherent multi-dimensional nature: in a sense, infinity requires infinite dimensions arranged in a specifically interactive set of geometries. In other words, when the various dimensions are folded one upon the other outside of both Space and Time, the working calculus of Reality allows infinity, as in the angels dancing in the head of the pin as the cores of Space and Time are neither Space nor Time there is always room for one more.

“But what, might you ask, does this have to do with dreams? If you indeed wander Timelessness in dreams, using your bodiless consciousness to step back into your original Home of non-temporal Grace, then you must step through the dimensions necessarily, encountering those dimensions for which you have a matching vibration at least, though you are occasionally granted further range through Grace: the dreams that are mostly visions, exalted stated of wonder and instantaneous comprehension as well as warnings or notifications of a loved one’s death. Every person has at least one dream of this type: something that sweeps you up into itself, shining with its astonishing creativity and power.

“In some dreams of this type, you see your own future life laid out as though it were a tapestry; in some you perceive the solutions your need for your troubles, either small or large. Many people say the subconscious is the cause: the quiet, unremarked calculations and recalculations of things already known but not fully conscious, so that your mind is the author of such revelations. No: in point of fact, the mind struggles to keep up with such data, hence, again, the wispy, changeable, hoarfrost nature of dreams from the view of the conscious mind.”

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