Dreams, Imagination and Perception, Part One

From Nikola Tesla: “In Volume One I mentioned that the light and other energies of the dawn are very different in part because of the fact that human beings sleep and dream in the night. As has been said by several others, you do not stay in your body all night: indeed, there are some things that your body can do in terms of its own healing and sorting which can only happen when you are absent from it. Therefore some of the dreams you have are in the higher-level realms which you actually experience: working out old fears; opening new possibilities; spending time with loved ones, especially those recently passed; taking lessons from your guides or others. In short this means that the dreams you remember are both outside of time and comparatively “old:” they are memories of something you have already experienced.

“This is one of the many reasons why night-dreams are so hard to remember: they are experiences that you have had which did not use your brain to perceive. Similar to the difficulties that channels experience, when the communicating entity “borrow” the channel’s mind/brain for a time and then takes its own memories with it as it leaves, you need to stretch your brain in the twilight sleep when you are re-entering your body far enough to not only grasp the pure information of the experience but also remember something that although it is of your own experience, was not experienced in your body and is therefore a kind of intelligent light instead of electrochemical patterns.

“In addition, this data is also multi-dimensional, an exquisitely layered tesseract of thoughts, emotions and experiences: rather like a kaleidoscope of mixed dimensions, the information contained in must dreams is something far denser that hypertext and, not only meaningful to you, it is also meaningful to countless aspects of your human self: your past, future, alternate and present lives.” 

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