Dreams, Continued

From Nikola Tesla: “Your mind and brain together are susceptible to dreams because most aspects of the mind and several parts of the brain provide multi-dimensional linkages: the pineal gland in particular, several aspects of the occipital lobe, the temporal lobes as well as several places in the brain stem and cerebellum. Those creative and artistic people that are practiced in switching through and between different sources and levels of input often have any number of non-physical structures developed to an unusual extent; it is much the same with channels; healers, visionaries, magicians of manifestation and prophets. The more your mind/bran expresses and experiences itself with agility the richer your dreams will be. As it has been shown elsewhere, artists often dream in color: this obviously represents added degrees of input and a broader bandwidth.

“It is therefore no surprise that artists; composers; engineers; dressmakers; architects; some statesmen and others who work to change reality in one way or another daydream a great deal. Sometimes those daydreams even take on the force of visions or visionary instructions: when conscious, you are still able to receive the layered, “gl0obal” types of information that see the project at hand as a whole in an instant. This is not simply a function of the right brain, though often the right temporal lobe is engaged: this instantaneous communication is sourced in the multi-dimensional aspects of your consciousness.

“There have been those who have said that schizophrenia is a brain disorder that does not edit out the dream function: in other words, there is little or no differentiation between dream-reality and physical reality, hence their confusion and often unbalanced emotions. From my perspective I would agree and add: not only dream-data can intrude but also information from the person’s own Akashic Records, which are actually coded in the “Junk” DNA, such that they are loosely moored in time as well as space. “

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