Dreams, continued

From Nikola Tesla: “I have pointed out before that in some respects, belief is like hoarfrost: it needs certain conditions to form, and certain specific things such as ponderous logic, demands of immediate proof while simultaneously disallowing the circumstances in which the belief can be formed, fixed ideas regarding any of the issues involved, can literally destroy belief, or at the very least limit its effects severely.

“The same is true in many ways with dreams: they are not in the least logical because they operate within the multi=dimensional realms quite beyond logic; while they can be guessed upon through brain wave studies, their significance cannot be proven or demonstrated except by and for the dreamer; dream interpretation books that keep the images to certain systems totally miss the multi-dimensional, ambiguous and thus incredibly rich and layered meanings within the meanings of even any one image.

“Dreams also work in the realms of synesthesia: a color can have a tone to it, or a picture can have an emotional “substance,” whether fear or joy, wonder or bewilderment. This factor alone often renders dreams less than comprehensible because of the automatic editing of the conscious mind which insists that an image cannot mean seven different thing, or that the color green could not ever taste fuzzy. In short, what is “impossible” is removed from the data stream within the dream at the outset, with the results that the fractured, incomplete signal is made even more incomprehensible, 

“Nevertheless, if the signal strength is sufficient, all of these factors can be overcome, or at least balanced. If the dream you are experiencing has aspects of a Vision, a message from a higher realm or a message which has such impact that it overrides any of several automatic mental processes, the dream will be remembered, and even make sense. It is these visionary dreams that have had the power to change the world through large and small ways, from the dream that evolved the sewing machine needle to dreams of peace.”

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