DNA, the Mind, and the Zero Dimension

From Volume Two: “Any living system is an interactive coherence itself, and you already know that DNA is the template for that coherence. But although there are a few exceptional individuals who work on that level, the source of the DNA signals is not within the pattern of the base pair formations, nor does it generally function within the living system’s own awareness at this time. The source of the signals is the meaning, or for lack of better word, the purpose of DNA. This purpose is sourced in the meta-consciousness of the core, or Zero, dimension.”

Comment from Tesla: “DNA thus necessarily straddles the enfolded and unfolded dimensions in much the same way human consciousness does, but because of its more distinct and particular physical coherence in the base-pair patterns, DNA can resonate with the Zero dimension using an entirely different wavelength resonance and field-congruence than the human mind and consciousness. There is definitely overlap: in order to match your thoughts’ field resonance, the physical matter in the brain is necessarily resonant with and attuned to your mind and its thoughts through a similar physical resonant induction as DNA has with the Zero dimension. However, linking the living neurons to the Zero dimension through their physical 4-D forms is more a case of matching EM fields and what might be called life-fields in the neurons, in other words, engaging aspects of Para-sound. However, because DNA’s crystalline structures, DNA receives fresh encodings from the Zero dimension through matching the fields of Intention within the dimension of Identity; thus this process uses and is based upon aspects of Para-light fields. Meditation and other methods of focusing and increasing coherence work both within Para-sound and Para-light structures through the entrainment of the Zero dimension’s intelligent structures sourced in Para-light’s core that is expressed through Para-sound. Meditation simultaneously benefits the physical brain, the mind, the crystalline DNA structures and their attunement to the Zero dimension.”

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