Divine cascades

From Volume Two: “Consciously engaging the higher-order energies and states of para-temporal realities can be done without demanding that the locus of the engagement is also at a higher energy. This most generally can occur in the marginal, twilight states of consciousness.”

Comment from Tesla: “This is because of the semi-conducting nature of reality itself, particularly in terms of manifestation. The twilight or dream states, similar to states of meditation, allow reality’s energetic geometries to link into a cascade-like formation, allowing the divine energies to infuse the body/mind. As I have said elsewhere, this is why dawn has a different energy from evening: the higher energies touched in sleep because of the subtle cascade, refresh and renew all aspects of reality, particularly in and through the dimension of Identity. Like giving fresh oxygen to the blood, the tiny points of contact to these cascades vibrate through all the body’s cells and the subtle bodies as well, imparting new information and often new enthusiasm as in the original meaning “en Theos,” to take in God. Once this connection with the linked cascade with the divine energies is known meditations can become more powerful and effective, and prayer easier. Although the Theta brain wave state of consciousness, often used naturally by channels and others in the course of their work, allows some of these connections to form automatically, if you can train yourself to meditate in that range, you can open more potential channels for divine-energy cascades through the enfolded multi-dimensional geometries. Imagination also provides more potential for engaging para-temporal realities: this is particularly clear with science fiction, inventions, and occasional patent duplication.”

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