Degrees of Manifestation

Question from Francesca: Presently, there has been a great deal of notice in several spiritual circles that things seem to be manifesting much more quickly than ever before, yet the tools of manifestation have also changed: instead of saying an affirmation or prayer silently as before, now it is suggested that the prayer or words for change are spoken aloud. If energies such as thought, intention and consciousness are more subtle than the physical, and what is subtler usually has more power, why this change to speaking prayers aloud?

Comment from Tesla: “Manifestation itself occurs through the Torsion Fields of Formation, Translation, and Para-sound: translating the Divine Intention through human the unfolded and enfolded patterns of human consciousness. Spoken words have always had more power than silent ones, and words spoken with integrity have a much larger impact in Para-sound than frivolous comments; overt actions have always been necessary to manifest dreams. In one sense, because of the particular chaos of the Shift into the Aquarian Age, there is more “noise” interfering with the patterned and patterning structures within the Field of Formation and thus the signal’s amplitude needs to be increased through resonance in multiple areas of manifestation at one time: not simply the mental and emotional, but energies within the mental, emotional, physical, psychic and spiritual also need to be used in order to guarantee your intention manifesting. Paradoxically, this very same chaotic situation allows more different types of energy to be available, so that once they are entrained with the cadences and vibrations of your sincere speech, there is both more torque and more potential energy available for the Field of Translation to manifest enfolded information into unfolded form.

In addition, since the whole intention behind accomplishing the Shift in the first place was to raise the deeply-based overall vibrations of the very non-physical-to-physical re-patterning of the Translation Field, and after all this has occurred now, the Torsion Field of Formation is also operating at a new “tone” or “pitch” in addition to space expanding, energy itself is changing its own nature in response. As you have more space, there is more energy; as you have more energy, you have more impact.”

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