Continued Meditation: In Body, Out of Body, Containing Body

From Nikola Tesla: “Once you have imagined yourself above your body, then feel the atmosphere around it as though you were the atmosphere itself: feel the shape your body makes in the air. Pay attention to the differing degrees of density: air is made up of a very few elements shifting and sliding around one another freely and yet with such energy that they actually create pressure on the body. By contrast, the body is made of many elements including “air:” not only the air you breathe in, but the hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen that create the carbon-based lattices of which your body is made.

“If you would like, you can watch the breath as it comes into your lungs while paying attention to the process through which the oxygen enters the blood in order to become part of the body quite directly, cell by cell, and then how the cells release some of their carbon to become the CO2 you breathe out. Within this process are numerous opportunities to notice the moments of transition: how the oxygen becomes part of the blood cells, how it is taken to the cells and becomes a catalyst for life by assisting huge numbers of tiny, important and nearly instantaneous transactions between elemental array and elemental array, (This moment of transition is similar to the moment with your inhalation becomes your exhalation, and your exhalation transforms into the inhalation again. This moment of pause between one thing and another can be tremendously fascinating, and paying attention to the significance of those moments of shift can actually hone your intuition.)

“Feel how the oxygen works, refreshing, renewing and rebuilding the cells and all the processes it touches. And then, burdened at once by carbon and other unneeded elements, watch and feel how the oxygen gathers other elements to itself as it gets carried back to the lungs again: now it will be carrying carbon, water, nitrogen and even more complex things from the leftover molecules of the licorice you just ate to the subtle, tiny remnants of countless metabolic processes that allow some diseases to be discerned simply by analyzing the outgoing breath.”

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