Continued Meditati0n: In Body, Out of Body, Containing Body

From Nikola Tesla: “When you are looking at your body through the medium, the conscious envelope, of the air itself, you start to sense where your body ends and your consciousness begins. For some of you, this will be old hat: you already know that you are not your body and that the energetic structures of your mind, heart, hopes, wishes, dreams and intentions, do not dissipate simply because they are not focused upon their container. Indeed, rather like spilled milk, once the container is gone, your consciousness does indeed spread out. However, like the milk on the floor, it does not stop being milk.

“Thus, the next step is to become aware of what your consciousness is made from: what are the “substances” of this non-physical structure? Is it, like the air, made up of several collected “elements” or other factors that are moving at such speed that they actually add weight to the body, much as the air creates pressure? And, like air, can your consciousness move “faster” or slower” depending upon your focus,or upon invisible factors such as astrological influences, shifts in the zeitgeist of the Collective Unconscious, or your own spiritual development?

“In Magical traditions, air is the mind’s element, and this meditation is presently very mental. However, once you become aware of the minute “atoms” that make up your consciousness itself, then become aware of the larger, divine factors of support and love. Much as the air is held to the planet by gravity, your consciousness is held within existence by the divine Attention: the etheric substrate of divine, loving regard. Becoming aware of this added factor should bring you back into your heart’s awareness as well, for the divine love has its greatest point of focus in your heart. If you are already practiced in finding your Core Tone, you will feel it more clearly than ever before, and as this divine presence intermingles with your own personal, inner Identity, you can become aware of the divine identity as well.”

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