Commentary from Volume One

“Heaven is a place of tremendous freedom, yet the Earth is where that freedom is proved, in the sense of wine being distilled.”

Comment from Tesla: “Heaven is easy to get into; hell is also easy to get into if you want, and Earth has both, and more besides: it is the point of creation, the renewed and renewing arena of the divine expressing itself. What I mean by saying that Hell is easy to get into if you want is that as you have been going, you tend to continue, if only out of sheer habit: heaven generally looks much as your daily reality has always looked, unless there are reasons for intervention. This can have grave implications (and yes, I know what I said) if you have lived a life of fear and negativity, hatred or addiction, cruelty or oppression: these all have tremendous momentum.

Oddly enough, this momentum is kept so that you can feel at home. When circumstances are really bad in your life, or when your death is sudden, your mind and soul work together to create a plausible story for yourself. If you were killed in a car wreck, you wake up in a hospital, the same if you are gunned down in war. If you have murdered someone, you may wake up behind bars; if you have killed yourself, you may first be shown a complete view of what else you might have done, and why suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, as has been said elsewhere. It is very individual, because it is your own mind that sets the parameters.

Receiving blessing at the time of death can be of tremendous help here, particularly when you feel you are destined for Hell. Many fear death because it is the unknown; others fear death because they know that they will have to face what they have done, and with sometimes excruciating detail. Some have become so afraid of this kind of personal hell that they have become atheists, though some do that because they feel the God they have been presented with by religion is far, far too much trouble to deal with. On Earth, you learn who you are; in heaven, it is reflected back to you.

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