Chronic Mental Pain, Continued

From Nikola Tesla: “For some, chronic mental pain becomes invisible, inaudible and imperceptible to the person holding it, yet others will “hear” and feel the dissonance of this pain in your voice, your actions and in all of your forms of communication. Some will withdraw from you; some, feeling threatened by your pain, will be belligerent for reasons they do not understand themselves. Sometimes people will actually seem to perceive your chronic mental pain’s patterns as instructions. Rather like wearing a sign on your back, “Don’t kick me!” that will tend to make people at least consider kicking you, old, deeply ingrained patterns of chronic mental pain such as ruminating on the betrayal of disenfranchisement; mentally emphasizing and re-iterating being overlooked and undervalued; being the butt of all the cruel jokes; snide comments and demeaning treatment: all of these mental loops, so close to your sense of self, become perceptible to others because of your unconscious re-emphasis upon those thoughts.  

“If certain types of things keep happening to you: you never get served in proper order by merchants; you always get fooled or lied to by complete strangers or your own family members; if you suddenly find that a friend is acting in the same unkind way that others have even when the friend knows how much you have been hurt by others: all of these things are actually a result of unconscious chronic mental pain that is broadcasting simply because of the re-emphasize and over-accentuate. 

“The most direct way to change this is to become aware of the mental loops you are engaged upon and that you are ignoring because you have become habituated. You might write a list: “whenever I try to do what I want to do, this always happens,” or, “The one thing I can never get is…” In short, you are looking for your mental axioms of pain: how you will always be hurt, humiliated, overlooked, blamed and so on. Once you have understood the impact of those deep mental tracks, you can counter them with new thoughts.”

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