Chronic Mental Pain, Conclusion

From Nikola Tesla: “Chronic mental pain, as I have said, may be clearer to see by others than by yourself, particularly when this pain has become so habitual as to be mistaken with your true identity. If you are always snubbed at parties, is is because you are grieving an ancient sense of bewilderment at not being accepted joyfully when you were a child, or because you were clumsy once and never forgave yourself for it? Are you often overlooked, shunted aside when others get the promotions, accolades or rewards, do you always feel in the periphery of things?

“The mental pain of going over and over the same tracks, trying the same things again and again without any better results or waking up every day to the “same old, same old” feeling certainly causes tremendous emotional grief as well as frustration, but the feelings either seem to be traps to catch the thoughts within or the thoughts seem to be the traps that catch the feelings inside of them. And if you are convinced that you cannot deal with the mental pain through emotional means and you cannot solve your emotions with your mind, you live forever trapped in more and more despondency, useless actions and foolish results.

“However: there is always a third part of you, beyond your mind and emotions. You can work with your body: often deep massage work can bring up the original feelings that have caused the repetitive, ineffective and occasionally desperate mental loops that evolved in order to cope with the original emotion. Sometimes, pursuing a feeling down into its deepest expressions, its deepest meaning, shines your inner light upon how your young or traumatized mind had to deal with what had happened to you.

“The trick is to become acquainted with that third part of your being: the Observer, the perceptive part of you that is neither your mind nor your emotions yet is aware of your own awareness: the soul-touched depths of your heart.”

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