Chaos and String Theory

From Volume One: “Now, the dynamic functions of chaos, defined as the tendency of disorder to contain order, and order, given sufficient energy, to contain disorder, “move” the “wires,” the sinusoidal wave-tracks, of physical matter.

Comment from Francesca: He used the word “wires” in anticipation of String Theory in an article channeled in 1995, more than  ten years before I every heard the term.

 Comment from Tesla: “This is another way of saying that everything is vibration, including all aspects of physical matter, fields, and forces. The sinusoidal wave tracks of several aspects of reality such as magnetism, gravity, and consciousness intersect each and every reality at an offset angle through “layered” alternate realities. As one of the essential dimension, Primordial Chaos is actually the structuring force that arranges these infinite realities in geometrical relationship to one another, keeping them simultaneously separate and interrelated. Order is indeed a subset of chaos, and has been emphasized in 4-D reality so that sequence, time, timing, space and significance are all created.

Similar to the way gravity and magnetism are said to be “properties of matter,” matter itself is a property of Primordial Chaos; that dimension might also be called the Void, the preexisting Ocean of Being or the Source. This Source, being chaotic, was able to open itself to itself through form and number, and is the means by which the inter-relating multi-dimensional geometries are arranged. Order alone is incapable of encompassing the staggering complexity of these geometries, much less the infinities involved: chaos is the only possible thing that has the ability to form the needed points of engagement between realities, and thus permits them to exist.

Another way to look at this is to say that the possible must rest upon the bed of the impossible, else the possible could not exist. The potential energy differential between the pure Source Chaos and ordered, manifested, even infinite 4-D reality is staggering: the smallest “point” of pure Primordial Chaos has enough energy in it to create several entire alternate realities, and frequently does. Granted, several of these alternate realities are barren of life, but they still retain their connection to their primordial Source, and can be changed creatively.


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