Channeling for Tesla

Nikola Tesla: Afterlife Comments on Paraphysical Concepts Volumes I and II

These two volumes are a stellar opportunity to view physics and reality from an afterlife point of view. But as a channel, I am only here to present this material, not to prove it: I am not a physicist, mathematician, or scientist myself, and would welcome it if any physicist or other scientist might channel Tesla to receive the information more accurately than I. The better we can understand reality and ourselves, the better our lives could be.

I do not do automatic writing: I am conscious, and receive the information real-time, like taking dictation in a difficult class in college. I have a strong sense that a body of work already exists: he will expand and elucidate a point he has covered years before with remarkable consistency. As I find out when I look them up, he chooses his words quite accurately, and only makes words up to for new concepts such as para-light and para-sound. He helps me comprehend what he presents enough to edit it afterwards, not for me to invent and layer on my own ideas, but to clarify a point, and catch typographical errors as much as possible.

Some times, we get such high-level information that makes me feel like we are working together to channel the universe itself. We might ask DNA about its multi-dimensional aspects directly, or the dimension of Identity what its parameters are. If my subconscious is making this up, it’s doing a fine bit of craft, and whatever the source of this material, it appears to have its own integrity.

I do also write fiction, so I know when I’m “making things up,” and when I’m channeling, and receiving this material is a great deal harder than writing a story. Frankly, I write fiction to take an easy break!

These books can be food for thought, change, and new discovery.

Francesca Thoman

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