Changing History Now

From Nikola Tesla: “If history were taught from the standpoint of the shining moments of when things worked well, it could change everything. Though, as many have said, you notice what is wrong with something long before you notice what is right with it: the odd, the different, the ‘wrong’ things were generally the dangerous ones and noticing them would keep you alive. Predators of all kinds look for anomalies: the uneven gait of a wounded or sick animal; perhaps an animal with some genetic defect: these were easier to catch. This in a very real sense is where the culture of the brute comes in: by making others weaker, attacking or damaging them, you can make yourself safer, or at least feel that you are. If there is famine, then the weak, the different ones, must be driven out, must be removed. In a herd, a group of animals that has very little individuality within one identity, this is by far the safest course.

“However, humanity is not a herd: humanity is a troupe, and an exalted one at that. Elephants live in groups, but they care for the sick and weak ones as much as they are able: the collective realizes that every member has something to contribute in experience and wisdom. Indeed, the young males are driven away when they reach a certain age because their contumacious nature would harm the troupe They are left alone to learn from the forest until they grow and then return. Primate societies also recognize the value of wise experience, taking the extra time to help the wounded ones, at least to the degree that they, as animals can.

“For humanity to reduce itself back to the mindset of the herd: that the weak, special or different ones are dangerous, that the herd must be kept ‘pure’ by reducing the number of odd ones, is a step backwards. For humanity to choose the rule of the brute absolutely beggars humanity’s soul, removing the wise, the gifted and the sensitive. The fear that drives this step backward is truly atavistic: it is based on herd-fear of the simpler animals like herbivores. But to be an omnivore, as human beings surely are, demands intelligence, forethought and wise experience. You need the gifted ones to live more successfully! And it is from these that history’s shining moments have been created.”

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