Opening Again

From Nikola Tesla and Francesca Thoman: Yes, it has been a very long time since we last posted any blog here. For this, we can only ask for your forgiveness and than you for your patience. I am of course quite well, though my channel has been working on re-creating how she works in the spiritual and emotional realms, and this took an unexpected amount of time.

She has been sheltering in place since the end of February, and has been working on Volume 5 and Nikola Tesla Presents II; I have meanwhile been busy with other things as well. The challenge of the COVID19 virus has needed especial care from all of us whom are concerned with the advancement of humanity. There are some that have been working with human DNA, adding both energy and information into its structure, so that your bodies have more connections to higher-level, multidimensional information, allowing a more facile, intelligent and robust response to issues that have long been challenges: health, emotional patterns; genetic lineages, particularly working with the dissonance between your bodies and your past-life lineage.

One way to look at the reason for our hiatus is: imagine that when you buy a new car, it takes time to get used to it: the ram for the windshield wiper is moved slightly forward; the indicators for internal temperature, oil level and so on are in very different places on the dashboard, and so on. When you add a high level of multidimensional complexity with, in the channel’s case, a certain lack of confidence, you can see how things might be delayed. Nevertheless, we have let this go on far too long, and we do apologize. We do honor you; we do act for the sake of Love; we ask that you forgive us. Thank you.

Wounded by the Gods?

From Nikola Tesla (and Francesca Thoman): “There are several scientists, most notably Gregg Braden, who believe that human beings were created through genetic manipulation of both the Fox P2 gene and the by fusion in gene 2 so that we, of all the animals in the world, have only 23 chromosomes. This subject is still controversial, for it is virtually impossible to prove directly. Indirectly, however, extraterrestrial influence might be inferred. The largest unlikelihood is, of course, the genetic alterations: they are virtually impossible to have occurred by chance. However, for the channel and so to a degree for me, there are human patterns that, if looked upon with enough dispassion, seem very odd in themselves. In some respects, you as human beings have been subjected to a cultural, psychic and emotional shock from which you have not yet recovered.

“What have been the ‘gifts of the gods?’ Other research has clearly shown that a great many indigenous cultures believe that language, writing, farming and art are all gifts of the gods: granted to you by beings other than you and considered divine. And yes, these aspects are part of what is considered civilization, though there is a chicken and egg problem here: when we evolved cities, which would not have happened without farming and the need to store produce, implements and the need to evolve places to sell the produce, would you have evolved the social structures that are the hallmarks of civilization without them? 

“However, each one of these has a hidden cost associated with it: farming does create larger congregations of people, yes, and seems to provide: however, archaeological studies have shown that in many cases your general health went down when you began depending upon farming. Similarly, your memories have become far less robust than formerly: Scottish and Irish bards used to be able to remember a whole series of lays simply by memory; the Australian history is literally written into the rocks where they live and the knotted strings of the Incas held the whole history of the tribe. However in the modern, civilized world, you have to write down the five things you need to buy at the market.”

The Subconscious, Conclusion

From Nikola Tesla: “You can work best with your subconscious if you befriend it. This does not only mean to stop thinking of it as alien, strange, unpredictable or even dangerous: it means, instead, to approach it as you would any other person that has been, perhaps, badly treated and even frightened in the past. Such a person would need careful consideration, certainly: you would have to be calm and quiet near such a person, perhaps, or at least you would do your best to give him only kind and gentle regard. You would not judge that person harshly; you would not treat him with distrust automatically; you would not make unreasonable demands upon him; you would not blame him for your own mistakes. In short, you would earn your friendship with him, action by action, word by word.

“This is the best way to approach the subconscious if you wish to make it an ally. It would return kindness for kindness, certainly but in addition, your subconscious could become a valued if not essential colleague in the way you live your life, offering you intuition, creativity, fuller memories, hunches, warnings, dreams, visions and the wisdom you have gathered over time which it has been keeping and guarding for you.

“There are many ways to ask the subconscious to help you, though you must remember that its main language is through pictures and its second language in words. The saying that ‘You’ll see it when you believe it” is very true for the subconscious; however, the subconscious is the keeper of your beliefs. If you decide to change your beliefs and thus your reality, the subconscious is the keeper of those beliefs; if you want something new in your life that has not been there before because of those beliefs, your subconscious, understanding the effects of those beliefs, will help you change them. In this, as in many other things, your subconscious can be as fine an ally as a good, well-trained animal though, as it is your human subconscious, it remains as human as you.”

The Subconscious, Continued

From Nikola Tesla: “This analogy of the subconscious as a starving, vicious animal puts the prevailing impression that the subconscious is a toxic waste dump into stark relief. The hangovers represented by the judgmental and narrow assessment of the subconscious (id) and its savage, ungovernable drives from Freud is  actually one of those bits of toxic waste itself, in a way. If the conscious mind is seen as the bright, pure, rational and properly acceptable mind/nature of the human being and the subconscious as the unprincipled brute, the dangerous and entirely selfish monster within us, then just being alive must not only be a struggle with little juice in any reward, you are also cutting yourself off from the rich, living loam that might nourish you.

“As a plant grown hydroponically, you may be clean and pure and even elegantly arranged, but you will not be fully real and, in addition, you will become quite fragile and dependent upon the system that supports you, either the scientists that keep giving you the proper nutrients or the cultural biases that continually exalt and protect rationality over humanity, particularly feminine humanity. In short, you have created an almost entirely artificial existence for yourself. A plant, grown in dirt, may be ravaged by drought, fire or punishing cold and yet, because of the minute interactive processes within the dirt that microbes, minerals, nutrients and water create, the plant can survive such challenges better without being supported by an outside agency.

“Were you to embrace your subconscious rather than disdaining it, you would find more and better nutrients within yourself and thus be less dependent upon outside sources to give you emotional support, wisdom, inspiration, or amusement. Because you allowed a deep intercommunication with your subconscious, you could provide yourself with your own dreams and visions, your own wisdom and sense of peace and it would be from this standpoint that you could engage Reality as a more whole human being.”


The Subconscious, Continued

From Nikola Tesla: “There are those that say intuition is simply the subconscious working ‘underground,’ doing its own super-fast calculations based upon the observations your conscious mind has not yet had time to process, and to a degree this is true. Your subconscious does not sleep, precisely, though there are times when it is so busy working on something that a logjam of experiences builds up and thus it needs to communicate in dreams. Thus, the subconscious may become an ally if you invite it to become one and there are several methods by which you can engage the subconscious as a friend, the foremost of which is meditation and the second of which is daydreaming.

“Many do understand that when the subconscious is shut out from your human experience, it will find ways to express itself, and not always either conveniently or beneficially. The analogy of the subconscious as a dog you have tied in your back yard with just a little doghouse and maybe an empty bowl is a good one: like the dog, the subconscious may become savage with hunger and thus turn dangerous. You cut your subconscious outside of  your flow of being by refusing to engage it or engage with it through shutting down its communication by calling ‘gut feelings,’ ‘flights of fancy’, or intuition itself as foolish at best, trivial generally or dangerous at worst. You can refuse to engage your subconscious by drowning its messages with drugs, distractions such as long hours trolling the Internet or by engaging in over-emotional histrionics that take up energy and produce heat and a murky light but no real warmth or illumination. In other words, to engage the subconscious does demand self-honesty.

“The sad fact that your modern world contains countless ways of disenfranchising your subconscious and its wise information is quite clear to many, though perhaps not to enough.”

The Subconscious, Continued

From Nikola Tesla: “Your subconscious, in your present level of development, is often a ‘junk drawer;” some place where everything that doesn’t quite fit with everything else is put away, collected, though sometimes with little plan or conscious thought. Your subconscious automatically stores, often unencoded or examined, a huge amount of mental, emotional and psychic data; the unconscious works with the spiritual and physical aspects of your human existence generally: it is your unconscious that had the original template for your life, your past-life memories and the emotional, psychic, mental and spiritual imprints of your ancestors within your DNA, In short, you have a pyramid, with the conscious mind at the top but holding the smallest amount of data, the subconscious holding sometimes exponentially more and the unconscious holding exponentially more than that.

“However, three things connect the subconscious to the conscious and help to make the data in the subconscious more comprehensible and relations between the two forms of mind more effective: emotions, intentions (which might be called desires) and, yes, dreams, by which I mean altered states of consciousness that are achieved naturally, whether in REM dreaming, meditation or hypnosis. As I have said elsewhere, dreams reconnect you with the enfolded, multi-dimensional aspects of Realty and of your human self. However, as the conscious mind is so dependent upon the causes-and-effects, sequential progressions and ‘forward’ motions that Time creates specifically, its comprehension of the multi-dimensional aspects is limited by the very factors for which the conscious mind was created and which at the same time it is meant to decode through a particular set of focused parameters.

“Dreams in the sense above, as well as desires, take the particularly fine focus that the conscious mind enables and uses those points of focus to create very personalize arrays of experiences and actions within your human identity. In other words, Heaven is built from your conscious experiences almost unilaterally and this is why the experience of being a conscious human is so valuable.”

The Subconscious Mind

From Nikola Tesla: “The subconscious mind is an interface and functions like an electrical transformer, stepping down the higher-level, enfolded information from the Timeless/Spaceless Source. It is also a holding area for information and experiences in unfolded Reality: as Jung has said, it holds both the dark shadow of socially unacceptable urges as well as the light shadow of the true magnificence of the inner Self. The subconscious helps you to decode your dreams, although, if you do not bother to decode your subconscious, there will be little result.

“Decoding your subconscious can be done through many methods, though the foremost of these would be simply paying attention, whether in the sense of watching for those things that you keep on doing again and again or those words or phrases you keep repeating. It can perhaps be helpful to record yourself, put the recording away and listen to it in a few months to see whether or not you have changed anything. If you are stuck: if you get weary of hearing the same old story coming out of your own mouth, then it is time to look deeper by whatever method works best for you: tracking your dreams, keeping a journal or simply writing each phrase down and listing each repetitive action, and under the statement ask yourself through the medium of writing, “Why?”

“I do grant that this will seem a mental exercise that seems less than effective since your subconscious often contains many raw, undigested, heavy emotions that you have not been able to feel or understand. However, your subconscious knows your limitations as well as, or better than, you do. It knows that it is difficult if not impossible to change something when you and your subconscious are working at cross-purposes: when either you are not ready, when some part of you is doing its best to keep you safe even though it does not understand that you and your needs have changed.

“In short, the subconscious is a rich area of discovery and needs time, care and a spirit of adventure.”

The Conscious Mind

From Nikola Tesla: “The conscious mind, according to recent physicists recently, is aware of perhaps ten percent of the true nature of reality, and from my present vantage point I would tend to agree. I have already mentioned studies that show how easily distracted this mind can be: if you attention is too focused on an action in front of you, peripheral things may be seen yet they are not perceived: stage magicians depend upon this constantly in using misdirection. There are those who have skill with hypnosis who can help you recall what was not seen and yet, at the same time, the very semi-conducting state of hypnosis can allow confusion between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious to the point that fantasies may be implanted which are then perceived as real. 

“I have also spoken of the “strobe-light” flicker fusion of the conscious mind so that sine-wave-like functions are perceived as episodic and episodic functions are perceived as waves and flows of simple actions, fields and forces. The multi-dimensional nature of Reality also clouds the conscious mind’s perceptions as anyone who notices or engages directly with the strange, off-side aspects of dreams, psychic perception and channeling, to say nothing of hypnosis, ‘recreational’ and other drugs or even strokes, which are capable of astonishing effects, from granting someone with a sudden ability to play piano or an English accent.

“The true point I am trying to make here is that the conscious mind is strangely ephemeral and fragile: it is not the natural state of humanity in a very real way, for Heaven is your natural home. However: as you understand more and more about yourselves, your own minds, your own ability and function to be a bridge between the many enfolded and unfolded dimensions, the conscious mind will change itself to include more of perception\. As has been said elsewhere, ‘The subconscious mind will become part of the conscious mind, and the unconscious mind will become as accessible as the subconscious.'” 

Soul Pain: Conclusion

From Nikola Tesla: “In your human existence, apparent chance can create harm or joy, fear or security. It may seem untoward that so many bad things happen to good people and so many bad of evil people seem to escape the consequences of their harm, hatred, abuse or viciousness. Granted, if you believe in or have even experienced those moments of life-review where your life is played out in living detail, you will perhaps have a feeling, if not an understanding for sure, that everything you do will be returned to you in those moments if not in other lives. The original meaning of Karma was ’cause and effect’ rather than punishment and it is the same with the afterlife: you will be shown the consequences of what you have done and will feel them one by one.

“However, your failings, wrongs, acts of unkindness or cruelty will not be fuel for God’s fires: they will be fuel for the own fires of your remorse. To see the huge impact of just one act of kindness or one act of cruelty is an astonishing thing, because you will not only be shown the immediate effects but the far ramifications of those effects. One action can affect millions.

“However, rather than fear to do anything wrong, you can trust in three things: first, that it is always you who sets up your lives and your lessons in those lives: the Divine Being is neither vindictive or hating but is rather continually astonished by and through love and joy. Second, you and your soul are allowed to grow at its own pace: there is no demand that you must learn what you cannot learn. Third, all the wounds, hurts, harms, losses, voids, gaps and loveless places will be healed, completely, and given Grace, completely.

More on Soul Pain

From Nikola Tesla: “Soul wounds can indeed be created by difficult situations, by impossible choices or situations where you are helpless to change a terrible outcome. However, soul wounds can also be caused by the slow, incessant grinding of lack, loss, frustration or denial as well as through shock, terror, horror, betrayal or harm. For, disenfranchisement, living in situations of condescending belittlement, helplessness, hopelessness and despair wear holes in the soul’s fabric; like a pressure sore on an invalid, these wounds can become so deep that they fester and can even turn the soul septic.

“As with a body, the soul’s septicemia is not part of the body: it is the body’s reaction to a situation: septicemia for a soul actually leads to perpetrating acts of cruelty, especially to the helpless and innocent, much as infection creates fever in the body: if and when the soul is trapped deeply in pain it loses its natural qualities of loving-kindness, empathy, joy, creativity, integrity, graciousness and compassion. From this point of view, the devils among you do not need punishment: they need true healing: soul healing, healing of the spirit, mind, body and emotions.

“Healing a vicious, unkind, or sociopathic person needs actions in all the realms of his human expression: gaps and voids in the brain need healing; imbalances and lacks in the body and its intricate systems need healing; the emotions need time and care to turn around from helpless rage into calm understanding; the person’s spirit will demand anything from a re-infusion of joy or creativity to the simple understanding that all is well because this person was created in love by Love Itself.

“Understandably, this kind of work may take lifetimes, and time in between lives as well. However, when the true complexities of how you relate to your soul and how your soul relates to you, there will be ways of protecting this person from trauma, frustration or agony in the first place, so that th4e infection cannot take hold.”