Approaching Intelligent Light

From Nikola Tesla: “In the previous post I asked: ‘What, after all, is the frequency of intelligent light?’ The answer is: somewhere between the frequency of gamma rays where the wavelength is less than the diameter of an atom, and the “frequency” of tachyon particles when they are in the vibratory or light-like phase of their particle state. Poetically put, it is the light ‘inside’ of light or in a sense light’s own multi-dimensional Torsion Field: the field through which physical, visible and perceptible light manifests in 4-D reality.

“This is not para-light precisely: it is not the ‘solid’ light that is the core of all light: intelligent light is at once the process of manifesting para-light and light imbued with multi-dimensional information-patterns sourced in the Zero dimension. In short, intelligent light can be compared to the very thoughts of the Divine Being. It is for this alone that you need spiritual development in order to approach and communicate with intelligent light: you need to be at least familiar with its frequency, if not also able to create, retain and focus that frequency as well.

“Yet lest you assume therefore that none but the exalted, the special and chosen and divinely-anointed ones would be the only ones that could perceive, much less work with, such supernal light, I will say that Love itself communicates through, rides upon and indeed creates all other frequencies. When you work with love, first, particularly when you engage your Core Tone, you automatically find yourself encountering the lower octaves of intelligent light’s frequencies. Thus, you can, by focusing upon the lower frequencies within your own heart’s state of love and then refining them by focusing them as though through the crystal of your heart as in a laser. 

In the beginning, just accomplishing that, getting used to the higher-level energies of Love and intelligent light and then focusing the two into coherence, can take long months, even years. Yet there is always Grace, for it can cohere all aspects of Light: its true nature is beyond even para-light, and will be worthy of discussion at a later time.”

To be continued… 

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