Alternate Realities

Comment from Francesca: The morning before this election I had a dream that I had entered another, alternate reality. Most things were as they had been, but at the same time everything was changed. I wandered around, looking for things I recognized, and finally found my sister and my best friend, and said, “You’re still my sister; you’re still my best friend,” even though they did not look anything like I remembered them.

And that is the point. We are now facing a time of challenge, and if we’re in this version of reality it is because, for some reason or another, we chose it from the infinite number of possible realities that were within our reach. Sometimes you choose a reality because of undiscovered personal issues, but sometimes you choose that reality because you are looking for your own strength as a soul.

Comment from Tesla: “The dissension and tension between the undeveloped, unripe personalities and the more developed, matured personalities has been your human legacy since humanity was first crafted; the two have traded control of humanity’s affairs time and time again. Brief moments of peace, sanity and expansiveness in history have been broken, shadowed, and some cases obliterated by the brute, by the insanely biased, the narcissistic and the selfish. Places of peace and learning, such as the Baghdad of Haroun al Raschid, the relatively peaceful time of Trajan’s Rome or even the peaceful and loving opening of the 6o’s in San Francisco, very often fall to war, abuses of power, or underground manipulations by sub-cartels of power that engineer anything from promoting drugs’ psychic parasitism to machinations of war,

“Part of the disparity is because, unfortunately, in the sense that they achieve desired results, murder works, as well as thievery, duplicity, mob action and treachery: create the desired, short-range results. The other difficulty is that to think things through, to consider consequences with forethought takes energy. It takes time as well, time and care. The younger souls not only have low impulse control and lack empathy and do not have the patience to work on themselves, they cannot bear remorse. To realize that they are wrong, that they have done wrong to others that has cost those others, catapults them into utter dread. They will do anything to avoid the truth. 

“But the truth will always win through.’

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