Alternate Realities: Inevitable Choice Part One

From Nikola Tesla: “As I have said before, alternate realities are infinitely infinite: every reality is infinite; every re-manifestation driven by choice of that reality is infinite; every opportunity for choice within the reality you have chosen and focused upon is infinite and every potential expression is realized, including those realities that are completely unexpected. However, as a human being, you would find these infinite infinities totally unworkable. so you start by shaving off your areas of perception by putting yourself into physical reality, then into your human body and brain and then you cut down your experience even more through your beliefs, habits and preferences.

“In short, as vast as your reality seems, it is only a minuscule fraction of what is present in your experience and what might manifest into that experience. Therefore, rather than by saying to yourself, ‘Oh, God, why did this happen to me?” ask yourself, “Out of an infinity of infinities, why did I choose this reality? What am I trying to show myself, learn, discover, accomplish or understand? If I have woken up on this reality, why? If it is a nightmare, why? If it is bliss and success, why? What am I trying to show myself? What am I trying to learn, discover or work through?’

“Already this changes your experience from helplessness in some cases or entitlement in others into the positive question: “What opportunities have I presented to myself in order to discern my true nature?” Because you, as a human being, have every opportunity to trust your choices and the reasons behind them; you are actually your own best advocate. Granted, reason itself is far too limited a tool with which to create reality: only those things beyond reason allow reality to expand enough to fully experience itself. However, your human self relaxes when it finds reason because reasons provide boundaries. And in an infinitely infinite reality, only the Divine Being can live without boundaries.”

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