About Belief

From Volume Two: “Now is a good time to bring up the somewhat mushy issue of belief, because the effect of consciousness is based upon it.”

Comment from Tesla: “Belief itself is nearly as hard to define as consciousness, but you tend to know when you see it, much as with Art Noveau. Faith could be defined as the lenses through which you perceive reality, whether rose-colored or not, because it is often based on an external structure of some kind. Belief, however, is much more direct and personal, and works in all layers of your consciousness. An unconscious belief can be the X factor that upsets all other plans, but as the subconscious straddles both the unconscious and conscious levels of the human self, and since it remains in communications with both aspects, it can act as a stabilizing factor generally. Much as the corpus callosum can ‘translate’ the left brain to the right, and vice versa, so the subconscious can integrate conscious and unconscious beliefs up to a point. Belief works with the dimension of Identity, the Translation torsion fields, para-sound for the silent self-to divinity communications, para-light for the moments of comprehension, etheric fields for the psychic components, and deep aspects of the fields of Formation for the M-D to 4-D connections. Each person’s belief, generally malleable, facile, responsive and open, can change with experience and change experience. Ideally your beliefs are a living, adaptive gestalt of numerous aspects of your human self, experience, learning and discovery. But when beliefs become rigid, there is little that can change them, and this is the human tragedy.

Comment from Francesca: The levels and layers of belief, from convictions to habituated assumptions, to religious traditions, is far too complex a thing to get into now, certainly. But the consequences of our beliefs should be looked into, whether they close human connections, or open them.

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